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Group 11       Miscellaneous Figures 3Edition 110

 110-1     (Romans)
110-2     (Musketeers)

110-3     (Samurai)
110-4     (Scots)

110-5     (Uniforms of the Napoleon Era)
110-6  (Vikings)

  Dioramas 110-1 up to 110-4 are worked out as framed boxes. Size 20 x 13,5 cm. 
The inner part of the box is of dark blue plastic material, frame and stand are of white plastic. 
The box is covered by a transparent foil. The back shows engraved name "Kinder".
These dioramas contain 4 figures either of the series: Romans, Musketeers, Samurai, or Scots.
All these diorama figures are silver coloured with markings SCAME on the back side. 
Diorama 110-5 contains 6 brass figures of edition 18./19th century assemled around a canon gun within a
coloured landscape printed on cardboard. The printing underneath explains the different uniforms worn
in Europe during the Napoleon era. Diorama 110-6 contains all 6 figures from the Vikings series. The diorama
itself comes as a grey plastic frame with a blue background foil and a double sided colour printed pasteboard. 
All these dioramas are extremely rare products. Therefore, their value is more than 100 € each. 
All items shown are from my collection. 
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