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The following pages show all 64 editions of metal figures and toys from 
Kinder Surprise containing all pictures and lots of information.

Very old figurines (late 70s / early 80s) were not accompanied by discription papers. Therefore, 
unfortunately the available information might not be 100% reliable. Please send me an e-mail should you know more details about any metal figurine stated. I would be happy to keep the catalogue updated with your help.

The figures do not contain market or dealers' prices. Instead, I have added a value statement to each item, "1" for the lowest and "5" for the highest value.This will give an indication when trading among collectors.

Please send me an e-mail when you can offer me items I'm still looking for.

Finally, let me state that all pictures represent items from my collection. These pictures must not be used for any commercial reason without my written permission. This also affects the use of pictures for private or commercial homepages.

Manfred Schreiner