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Group 10     Miscellaneous Figures 3      Edition: 100
Fairy Tales
a) Bush dark
b) Bush light
a) Left bush light
b) Right bush light
Aladdin  One version only 
100-1 a) Paper:  616702
b) Paper: 617156
100-2 a) Paper: 618136
b) Paper: 618136
100-3  Paper: 616745
Red Riding Hood   a) Bush light green
b) Bush dark green
Rumpelstilzkin a) House brown
b) House grey
Golden Goose a) Castle brown
b) Castle grey
100-4 a) Paper: 614750
b) Paper 614793
100-5 a) Paper: 614858
b) Paper: 614831
100-6 a) Paper: 614599
b) Paper: 614467
All metal characters brass. A set of multi-coloured plastic parts come with each character. 
 The fairy tales "Frog-Prince", "Puss-in-Boots", "Rumpelstielzkin", "Little Red Riding Hood",
and "The Golden Goose" come with two different sets of coloured plastic parts. 
"Aladdin" is known in one version only (see pictures). 
There are also different paper slip numbers according to the colour versions of plastic parts. 
(see above). Pictures (especially plastic parts) are not true to scale. 



 Size Set-Version Colour 100-1 a/b 100-2 a/b 100-3 Value
var. Version a brass * * * 1
var. Version b brass * * --- 1


Size Set-Version Colour 100-4 a/b 100-5 a/b 100-6 a/b Value
var. Version a brass * * * 1
var. Version b brass * * * 1
*   = in my collection                                ? = looking for item
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