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  Edition 200       Pseudo-Kinder-Surprise  /  Reproductions
 You may be told they are Kinder Surprise toys, 
you may see them on flee markets and in merchandise shops,
they really look nice, they would even fit in an egg,
but they have never ever seen a Kinder Surprise egg from inside ...
1. Famous Sights of Italy
2. Figures of the American Civil War
3. Soldiers of the Napoleonic Era
4. Other Reproductions
Hopefully this section must never be updated  ... 



Famous Sights of Italy

 If you like Mozzarella you might
probably have noticed these items ...

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Figures of the American Civil War     (shown with package details)
This excellent series has been developed by a pressure cast reproduction company in England...
(figures as above shown and also known mounted on stands).
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Reproduction of figures edition 12, mounted on stands   (incl. package details)
Figures were also found as complete set without stands (see package). They differ from 
original Kinder Surprise by their glossy and light pewter finish only!

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  These are the 4 editions of reproduced figures. They are nearly identical with Kinder Surprise items apart fromthe glossy  pewter finish. Now also reproduced as brass figures.
   1 = Edition 14    Knights          ( 5 figures reproduced only )
    2 = Edition 34    Roman 3        ( 4 figures reproduced only )
      3 = Edition 23    Musketeers 2    ( 5 figures reproduced only )
   4 = Edition 12    Soldiers 18th/19th century   ( all 6 figures )
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Be careful when purchasing figures of edition 25 (Prussia). There are
perfect reproductions apart from their colour. 
Original       "Maraja"
The so-called "Maraja"-figures are significantly lighter and very glossy
compared with the original browned figures. 

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