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Group 08Cars/Aircraft/RailwayEdition 75 BRacing Cars 2
75 B- 1
Mercedes Benz W 25
 75 B- 2
Auto Union Typ C
75 B- 3
Bugatti Typ 35
Year of publication: 2002.
This edition "Golden Era of Grand Prix Car Racing" is represented by 3 famous racing cars, having 
influenced car racing in the 30s, mainly at the German race courses Nürburgring and the Berlin AVUS:
 Mercedes Benz W25, Auto Union C, and Bugatti 35.
Manfred von Brauchitsch, Rudolf Caracciola, Hermann Lang, Bernd Rosemeyer or Hans Stuck 
were only a few of the most famous drivers of that time.
Are you interested in facts and figures about Grand Prix races, cars, and drivers in those days up to today?
Then I highly recommend to visit the following site: 
My thanks and regards to Leif Snellman.

Paper front side 
Size 120 x 40 mm

Same for all 3 models.


Paper reverse side b/w / red
Different numbers:
610 157 - Mercedes Benz W25
610 160 - Auto Union Typ C
610 163 - Bugatti 35
      Klick for
 Size Marking Colour 75 B- 1  75 B- 2  75 B- 3 Value
40mm Ferrero gold * * * 1
*   = In my collection
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